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    Battery Chargers


    GOLISI S6 Intelligent Charger

    $41.99 $41.39

    Golisi S6 is compatible with 20700, 26650, 18650 all cylinder shaped rechargeable batteries, even charging different batteries at the same time.GOLISI S6, a "smart" battery charger, is outfitted with an...


    Golisi Needle 2 Smart USB Charger

    $7.90 $5.12

    The Golisi Needle 2 is a compact and practical mini charger that uses a USB power port to charger cylindrical rechargeable batteries of lengths ranging from 32mm to 70mm. Golisi...


    EGO USB Charger

    $4.90 $0.70

    The USB charger is compatible with all the EGO E-cigarette. With the USB charger, you can charge your electronic cigarette by any USB port. The charger is necessary accessory for...


    GOLISI S4 Smart Battery Charger

    ab $22.07

    GOLISI S4, a “smart” battery charger, is the next generation of O series chargers. Besides all functions of O4, the S4 is outfitted with an upgraded micro-processor which enables the...


    Golisi L2 USB Battery Charger

    $8.50 $8.02

    Golisi L2 USB Charger allows vaper to choose charging current among 0.5A, 1A and 2A. L2 is compatible with 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion batteries and 1.2V Ni-cd / Ni-mh batteries ranging 32-70mm...


    BP Mods x Dovpo Futon Ohm Tab(Luxury Edition)


    BP Mods x Dovpo Futon Ohm Tab is constructed of Aluminum alloy with four 3M rubber pads on the bottom. BP Mods Futon Ohm Tab is a V/W adjustable coil...


    Geekvape Fast Charger for Geekvape Obelisk


    Geekvape Fast Charger is designed for Geekvape Obelisk with Safe Fast Charging.Note: The package and accessories may vary from batch to batch. All images are for reference purpose only. Quick...


    Golisi Mothra 3IN1 Wireless Charger


    GOLISI Mothra is a 3-in-1 multifunctional charging device, which can provide immediate power supply in our digitalized and always on-the-go life. As a 18650 battery charger: Load 18650 batteries and...

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