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Drop Shipping


1. What is EVERZON Drop Shipping?
Drop Shipping on EVERZON.Wpackage and send your orders to your customers directly from our warehouse - in your name. Drop shipping involves buying products cheaply from EVERZON. 

2. How Does EVERZON Drop Shipping work?
1) Register to get an account on EVERZON.
2) Contact support@everzon.com for approval. Please include a brief description about your drop shipping business and your website link.
3) Get orders from your customers or clients.
4) Place the same orders on our site and using your customers' shipping addresses. Please note order comment "drop shipping order" is essential.
5) We ship the products to your customers directly.
6) Save the price difference as profits.

3. Customs and Tax issues for Drop Shipping orders
You are responsible to inform your customers of the import duty rule for their country before placing orders. It is impossible for us to be aware of all import duties and other relevant costs for all countries. To submit any order means you are completely clear about any possible customs, tax and shipping issues in destination custom. EVERZON is not responsible for products confiscated by the customs in destination countries.

4. Guarantee Policy for Drop Shipping orders
We have 3 or 6 months warranty for most atomizers, mods and starter kits, which enable your customers to send back any defective items for non-human reason to receive a refund. Please note that the refund will not include the shipping cost. You can check our item description for the warranty period carefully before placing the order. You are responsible to provide product instructions for your customers, If you are not able to solve the product problem, you can discuss the issue with us to get our solution.

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