Geekvape has never disappointed its growing customer base by launching a range of innovative mods, tanks, vaping kits, and pod systems. Among its innovative products, the Zeus series stands out.

Zeus is the Geekvapes series that focuses on atomizers. Because of Zeus infringement, Zeus was changed to Z(Geekvape Z Tank, Geekvape Z Nano Tank, Geekvape Z X RTA, Geekvape Z X Mesh RTA). Without the atomizer, a vaping tool is as useless as a simple battery box. RTAs, rebuildable tank atomizer, come in various coil configurations, offering the versatility of build decks with the convenience of tanks. Check on all members of Geekvape Zeus Series below:

  • Geekvape Zeus RTA
  • Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA
  • Geekvape Zeus X RTA
  • Geekvape Zeus sub ohm Tank
  • Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA
  • Geekvape Zeus Nano Tank
  • Geekvape Z Max Tank

Geekvape Zeus RTA

It's a pleasure to count on this Geekvape Zeus RTA, knowing you're not going to get any sticky hands or mod. The flavor is perfect, and with increased power and open airflow, cloud production is impressive.


Geekvape Zeus Dual RTA

Geekvape went back to the drawing board to create a dual coil version. Not only is it a dual coil now, but they have changed the airflow as well. Rather than coming from the sides and bottom, it is no longer an angled side airflow that is supposed to come from the side or under the coils, depending on its location. The mounting holes have been repositioned so wide builds don't have the dreaded twist that the original Zeus single coil would cause.


Geekvape Zeus X RTA

The Zeus X RTA comes in a stunning small box of orange configuration and printed in GeekVape's now-classic black is perfect. Zeus X Build Deck's main quality is versatility; also, the clever post design allows you to pull the coil lines under the deck, leaving plenty of room for the coils so you can opt for a single or dual coil setup.  



Geekvape Zeus Sub Ohm Tank

This device is excellent and looks top-notch. Design and machining are also essential; as always, GeekVape excelled in the sub-ohm tank's build. It comes with two mesh coils, Kanthal KA1 0.2 ohm (70-80 W), Kanthal KA1 0.4 ohm (60-70 W), that wick and prime super fast. You will rise and vape in minutes, and the flavor and clouds are dense and aromatic.


Geekvape Zeus X Mesh RTA

The processing quality of the Zeus X Mesh RTA is exemplary. From o-ring tolerances to thread mechanics, the top cap uses a quarter-turn bayonet release system and makes the removal process faster and more convenient than traditional threading methods. Good knurling at the edges greatly facilitates the entire filling/refilling process.


Geekvape Zeus Nano Tank

Like its big brother in looks, but with style and functionality, the Zeus Nano has superior airflow for leak-proof vaping, a detachable half-turn cap for easy filling, and an additional bubble cup so you can get 3.5ml of e-liquid in it and one of the best chunks. Made of stainless steel like most, and depending on what color you get, the finish is stainless steel, anodized, or with a unique permanent coating that does not appear to be completely powder coated.


Geekvape Z Max Tank

Geekvape Z Max Tank comes with an innovative pre-made quick-change coil system that uses the Geekvape Mesh coil to create a cleaner flavor and massive vapor. The integration of direct top airflow and top-down airflow is available to produce large clouds and enhance the beautiful airflow.


The truth is that Geekvape Zeus is worth every penny. And it is the dream vape system for many vapers around the world. Whether you're in for luscious vaping clouds or want a vape device that does not underperform in flavor production, you can find a good collection of atomizers on our website.

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