Recently SMOK released SMOK MORPH POD-80 and SMOK MORPH S POD-80 in pairs to double your enjoyment and maximize your imagination about vaping.

Today we will take a look at the comparison between SMOK Morph Pod-80, SMOK Morph S Pod-80 and SMOK MORPH POD-40.

SMOK Morph Pod-80 SMOK Morph S Pod-80 SMOK MORPH POD-40
Size 39* 30* 113.9mm 39.50* 29.9* 123.35mm 37.2* 28.35* 108.35mm
Weight 133.5g 105.5g 119.5g
Battery Built-in 3000mah battery Single 18650 battery(not included) Built-in 2000mah battery
Output 5W-80W 5W-80W 5W-40W
Output Voltage 0.8V-4.1V 0.8V-4.1V 0.5-4.0V
Input Voltage 3.3V-4.2V
Screen OLED display OLED display 0.91 inch OLED display
Resistance Range 0.15-2.5Ω 0.15-2.5Ω 0.3-2.5Ω
Charging Voltage 5V±0.2V
Charging Current 1.4A (Max) 1.5A (Max) 1.4A (Max)
Standby Current < 100uA < 100uA < 120uA
Over-discharge Voltage 2.4V±0.05V 2.4V±0.05V
Overcharge Current 2A±0.6A 2A±0.6A
Overcharge Voltage 4.3V±0.05V 4.3V±0.05V
POD SMOK Morph Pod-80W LP2 Pod SMOK Morph S Pod-80W LP2 Pod SMOK MORPH POD-40 RPM Pod
Capacity 5ml 5ml 3.7ml
Fill Liquid Top filling
Resistance LP2 meshed 0.23ohm DL coil(20-45W)
LP2 meshed 0.4ohm coil(best 25W)
LP2 meshed 0.23ohm DL coil(20-45W)
LP2 meshed 0.4ohm coil(best 25W)
RPM Mesh 0.4Ω Coil
RPM Triple Coil 0.6Ω


1. SMOK MORPH POD-40 applied adjustable airflow inlet on the top of device to support both MTL and DTL. SMOK Morph Pod-80 & Morph S Pod-80 works with a toggle-style air switch to precisely adjust dual air inlets for DL, RDL, MTL experience.

2. SMOK MORPH POD-40 is packed with built-in 2000mAh battery with 5W-40W adjustable wattage, SMOK Morph Pod-80 works with built-in 3000mAh battery with 5W-80W adjustable wattage, SMOK Morph S Pod-80 is powered by single 18650 battery with 5W-80W adjustable wattage.

3. SMOK Morph Pod-80 & Morph S Pod-80 features 3+1 leak-resistant design for further prevent leakage.

4. Both of them uses Type-C port to charge. SMOK Morph Pod-80 & Morph S Pod-80 adopts up to 1.5A charging current to fully charged around 2h. SMOK MORPH POD-40 adopts up to 1.4A charging current.

5. SMOK Morph Pod-80 & Morph S Pod-80 provides you the strong magnet for stability and fastest heating at 0.001s fire speed for purest full-bodied flavor from the first puff to the last.

6. SMOK MORPH POD-40 utilizes 3.7ml RPM Pod to be compatible with RPM coils. SMOK Morph Pod-80 & Morph S Pod-80 utilizes 5ml LP2 Pod to be compatible with LP2 coils.


1. Ergonomics design and arch design of the fuselage for the overall aesthetics, comfortable to grip, convenient to carry and easy to use.

2. Large side fire key. The stealthy key design maintains a perfect balance between minimalism and aesthetics.

3. SMOK MORPH POD-40 is equipped with 0.91 inch OLED screen with improved UX. SMOK Morph Pod-80 & Morph S Pod-80 is also equipped with OLED screen with improved UX for max convenience.

4. Top filling design