T200(Aegis Touch) Kit Aegis X Kit
Screen 2.4-inch Full Touch Screen 2.4-inch OLED color screen
Atomizer Z Subohm 2021 Tank Z Subohm Tank/Cerberus Tank
Coil Z0.15 XM(Pre-installed)/Z0.4 Z0.2(Pre-installed)/Z0.4
Chip AS 3.0 Chip AS 2.0 Chip
Wattage 200W 200W
Tri-proof IP68 IP67
New Mode Smart/Power/Professional Standard/Powerful/Soft
A-Lock Yes No
USB Type-C Mico USB
Battery(external) Dual 18650 Dual 18650

Both the Aegis X and Aegis Touch are box mods with large screens.  The Aegis Touch is an all-touch screen product with our new Tri-proof technology IP68-rating protection, whilst the Aegis X is a large screen device with first gen tri-proof technology. 

The Z Sub-Ohm 2021 tank with the Z0.15 XM coil to Aegis Touch. The new tank includes a childproof feature, and the Z0.15 XM coil has double the lifespan of regular coils.