Geek Vape Avocado 24 RDTA

Geekvape is releasing 3 new colors (blue, gold and copper) of Avocado 24 RDTA, which is one of the most prestigious items from Geekvape.

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Geek Vape Avocado 24 RDTA New Edition

Geekvape is releasing 3 new colors (blue, gold and copper) of Avocado 24 RDTA, which is one of the most prestigious items from Geekvape.

GeekVape Avocado 24 RDTA is a bigger version of the original GeekVape Acocado 22, with many great new features included. It has a big capacity of 5ml and supports both single and dual coil.

Moreover, it is extremely easy to build and fill. Get one; it will be your favorite.



● 5ml E-liquid Capacity

● Easy to build and fill, Velocity deck with Hinge lock fill system

● High quality and environmentally friendly

● Available for single and dual coil

● 2 drip tip options

● Height: 33mm

● Drip tip height: 10mm

● Diameter: 24mm


Package includes:

1x GeekVape Avocado RDTA

1x Replacement Glass Tube

1x Wide Bore Drip Tip

1x 510 Drip Tip

1x Replacement Ceramic Block

1x Spare Parts Poly Bag

1x Allen Key

1x 510 Adapter

Отзывы пользователей (6)
нравится мне эта фирма!
Когда будет в наличие? И сколько стоит в рублях? Я не оптовик. По красному ценнику со скидкой? Отзыв от: Максим (Отзыв написан 13.08.2016)
Отличный бак
Хороший бак. Вкусопередача на высоте, объем то что нужно, и на rx сидит как родной-) Отзыв от: Andrey (Отзыв написан 08.07.2016)
Can't put this tank down
I'm newer to vaping and haven't used the genisis, but keep hearing references to that and the Avocado. This tank produces annexing flavor and vapor. It hits really close to an RDA with flavor but with the convenience of a tank. The build deck is decent and filing is really easy.

I found that a slightly smaller build (5 wrap Clapton on 2.5mm) is better in here vs the Limitless RDTA where use a bigger build (twisted Clapton 7 wrap on 3mm) but the Vape experience is great on both and I would honestly have a hard time choosing between the two.
Отзыв от: Daniel (Отзыв написан 02.06.2016)
If you want its a fog mashine or good for stealth vaping.
The wicking is a bit tricky but the Avocado is just freakn awesome!
Отзыв от: Sasa (Отзыв написан 21.05.2016)
Great Genesis/Dripper Sort of
Easy to build double or single coil and an absolutely great flavor deliverer.
Currently one of my favorites on Cuboid/.48Ohm/38W, many liquids easily reach their full flavor potential.
Отзыв от: Serge (Отзыв написан 17.05.2016)
Muy bien
Very very good, Отзыв от: Dmitriy (Отзыв написан 14.05.2016)
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