Review & Reward Program

We invite our customers to share their shopping experience, write feedback or make product reviews to the vaping related channels, e.g. Forums, Reddit, Youtube, Blogs, etc. You can make text+image comments or video reviews on those channels that you are familiar with.

Reward Policy
We will offer either store credit or cash for any qualified review or shopping experience sharing. Each review/share will receive 2 USD-100 USD, depends on the popularity of your content, the major factors are the quantity of hit, comment and the value your share has brought to Everzon.

Please contact for the payment, please including your link to the email. We redeem your earning in 2 work days upon your request, we highly recommend you do not make more than one request each week.

Do I Have To Say Good Words?
Definitely not. Please write anything from your own perspective, any feedback will be welcome!

Typical Examples (Those examples are just for example use, they actually haven't anticipated in our reward program):
1. Impact * (2-5USD)
2. Impact ** (5-10USD: less than 20 non-repeated comments or less than 1000 page view)
3. Impact *** (10-20USD, less than 50 non-repeated comments or less than 3000 page view)
4. Impact **** (20-50USD, less than 100 non-repeated comments or less than 5000 page view)
5. Impact ***** (100USD, more than 300 non-repeated comments and more than 10,000 views)