It's totally FREE to join us and there is no minimum sales requirement.
How to get referral started?

Allow users to register from the public registration page at , you can also login in with your google or facebook account.

Step 2
Log in to your account and go to the “Home” page,get your Referral Link.

There are 3 kinds of links, any link would work the same way.

1) Referral Link 10%: Refer your friends using the link and earn commissions on purchases made by them, this is your Referral Link of Everzon homepage, for example, 

Your referral code can be customized at settings:

2)Coupon Code: Share your coupon code with others. For every purchase someone makes using your coupon code, you get the credit.
5% discount coupon code will be automatically generated for every registered affiliate, give discount to new customers only,limit to one use per customer.

Change coupon code as per your preference. Your old code will be invalidated

3)Product links: Browse the store for qualifying products. Paste the URL below to generate an affiliate link 
You can paste the product page link , and generate your Referral Link, in this case, your referral link would be  (your referral code)

Share this link on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc. When people visit the store using your link, you get commissions on everything they buy.

Step 3

Share your Referral Link to your friends, you can post your link on social media, forum, blog, etc, you can also send your link to your friends via messenger, skype or email. When someone clicks on your referral link, and buys, you will get paid! You get 10% commission (some products are even higher) on everything who buys within 30 days at Everzon(Cookie Duration is set up to 30 days).

Step 4

Once your commission is more than $30, we will send payment to you via Paypal, bank transfer, Alipay, store credit or etc! You can also use your commission to purchase Everzon products directly. 


If an order placed by Vip Wholesale / Wholesale account, your commission rate will be adjusted to 2%

How is the commission calculated?
Commission will be calculated after deducting the total discount, shipping, and taxes from the order. Reduces affiliate commission by the discount amount.

Member Level

Commission Rate


10% OFF

Wholesale/ Vip Wholesale

2% OFF

Important Note:
① We hope the referrer to be the one who has true purchasing experience from us, so the referrer must own an active account and purchased from us. A successful referral relationship means both the referrer and referee have shipped orders from Everzon.
② We may have promotion sales on holidays, which may affect the commission.
③ Disable commission for Self Referral. You can not refer yourself. 
④ Please subtract the shipping cost when you calculate the commission
⑤ Give commission only for new customers. Commission will be given only when affiliate has sent you a new customer. i.e. this customer has never bought anything from Everzon store.