OXVA ARBITER SOLO RTA is the upgraded version of OXVA Arbiter RTA. Arbiter Solo RTA inherits the top to bottom airflow. What's more, OXVA Arbiter Solo RTA is the first dual airflow system RTA with airflow coming from top to bottom and side. Arbiter Solo RTA is easier to switch between MTL and RDL. Just turn the top ring to switch between MTL and RDL. Turn left to close the side airflow and you would get a perfect MTL; Turn right and you would get a RDL RTA.

From the below chart, you can check the similarities and differences between OXVA Arbiter Solo RTA  and OXVA Arbiter RTA clearly. 

oxva aribiter rta

Dimension Φ25mm x 56.5mm; Bottom Φ24mm 28mm(bottom 26.5mm) (31mm with bubble glass)
Juice Capacity 4ml bubble glass; 2ml straight glass 6ml bubble glass; 4ml straight glass
MTL Holes Φ0.8 / Φ1.0 / Φ1.2 / Φ1.5 / Φ1.8mm
Fill Port Top Filling
Airflow Top to bottom and side:
Top-to-bottom airfow for MTL
Top-to-3D for RDL
Top to bottom
Drip Tip 2 different 510 drip tips for MTL and RDL 810 & 510 adapter included
Leak-proof due to the top AFC Leak-proof
Diameter 25mm diameter, compatible with most atomizers 28mm
Build Deck: Two-post build deck Raised U-shaped postless build deck
Coil Configuration Single coil Dual/Single coil building


1. Top filling design
2. Top to bottom airflow
3. Leak-proof 
4. 510 drip tip
5. Easy to build single coil  

The improvements:
1. Arbiter Solo comes with 25mm diameter to compatible with most atomizers.
2. Arbiter Solo features dual airflow system.
3. Arbiter Solo can switch between MTL and RDL quickly.
4. Arbiter Solo adopts tiny inner chamber for awesome flavor.
5. Arbiter Solo is almost completely leak-proof due to the top AFC.

Don't hesitate to take it home from Everzon, you will love it.